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Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 24, 2020
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Q: Why does the IPC need alternative long-term sustainable funding?

A: Due to increases in federal and state deficits, IPC funding has declined 42 percent since 2009.  The IPC has responded to these cuts through staff cuts and other reductions, but, unfortunately, is now at the point where additional reductions will harm its ability to continue its life and cost-saving work. Without stable funding, the IPC is facing an impending closure date of June 30, 2014, making Illinois the only state in the country without poison control services.  

Q: What is the 2¢ solution?

A: First responder systems like 911 are funded through monthly surcharges on your landline and cell phone bill. The 2¢ solution would reallocate $0.02 cents of this surcharge to fund the IPC and prevent its closure. 

Q: Will the 2¢ solution raise my cell phone bill?

A: No, the IPC is seeking a two cent reallocation of existing surcharges. In addition, this reallocation will not affect current 9-1-1 funding.

Q: How does the IPC benefit me?

A: In 2012 alone, the IPC saved Illinoisans more than $52 million. It is estimated that for every $1 invested in the IPC, there is more than a $13 savings in reduced health care and lost productivity costs. IPC staff prevented an estimated 35,000 ER visits and saved approximately $14.1 million in Medicaid savings last year alone. A call to the IPC from an ER doctor or nurse can shorten a patient’s admitted length of stay by an average of one to three days.

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