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What they are saying about the IPC_General Public

Nov 23, 2020
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What They Are Saying About the Illinois Poison Center….


“I then proceeded to call the Poison Control Center--for the first time ever. Having been a former Police and Fire 911 dispatcher, I typically handle pressure well, but I would have never slept if I hadn't called to get the proper info and peace of mind. There's nothing better than someone you know you can trust--even though they're a stranger--telling you how to handle every possible situation and letting you know you're not alone and help is coming.”

 -Michelle DeGeorge


“As a mom of six, I have called the IPC numerous times. Each time I’ve called, I received wonderful help. The IPC staff [members] are amazing people. I find their job very worthwhile and am grateful for their presence in our community. In serious situations, they are polite, reassuring and knowledgeable.”

-Mary Foskett, mother of 6


“I don’t want to run to the ER or call the doctor every time I have a question. It is so nice to call/have a service where you get a quick, reliable and up to date answer. Being able to call any time of day and get immediate, accurate answers that even your doctors rely on and it is free-amazing service!”

-Mara G.


“My baby, 2 years old, got into a bottle of cold medicine. [They were] very calm, professional people. They called back to check on us two hours later! [It is] a very helpful, useful service!”

-Susan H.


“Not only did the IPC give me peace of mind, assuring me that my son would be OK, but they helped me avoid a trip to the emergency department, saving us hours of time and a whole lot of money!”

 – Nicole Lueck


“My son is two and is curious and climbs onto things. One night my grandfather noticed his cholesterol meds missing. He had said my son had his medicine case and I noticed some residue on his mouth. I then called the poison control number. The woman was nice and patient and acted really concerned. She explained everything should be fine and that put a relief in my heart to know he would be okay and someone actually cared.”

-Breonika McGee


 “I was just about to go the emergency department, but I instead called the Illinois Poison Center first and they were able to tell me over the phone that I would be just fine. The call to the IPC easily saved me a $3,000 emergency department visit and a whole day of waiting, not to mention a lot of stress.”



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