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May 26, 2020
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Medical Director

Michael Wahl, MD, FACEP, FACMT


Associate Medical Director

Sean Bryant, MD


Assistant Vice President

Carol DesLauriers, PharmD, DABAT


Clinical Toxicologists:

Anthony Burda, RPh, CSPI, DABAT

Erin Pallasch, PharmD, CSPI, DABAT


Public Education Manager

Vickie Dance, M.S.  


Administrative Assistant

Patty Mulcrone


Illinois Poison Center Clinical Staff:


Frederick Ang, PharmD, CSPI

Abrar Baig, PharmD, CSPI

Briggetta Ducre, RN, CSPI

Amy Deitche, BSN, RN, CSPI

John DeLeon, PharmD, CSPI

Jerome Dimaano, RN, BSN, CSPI

Tracy Esposito, RN, BSN, CSPI

Connie Fischbein, CSPI

Samia Haider, PharmD, CSPI

Micaila Hill, PharmD, SPI

Cindy Howard, RN, CSPI

Art Kubic, PharmD, CSPI

Karen Hoeller, RPh, CSPI

Jessica Metz, PharmD, CSPI

Matt Novak, PharmD, CSPI

Dana Rod, PharmD, CSPI

Eric Schultz, PharmD, CSPI

Todd Sigg, PharmD, CSPI

Jessica Sims, PIP

Michael Strugala, PharmD, CSPI


*PIP: Poison Information Provider

*SPI:  Specialist in Poison Information

*CSPI: Certified Specialist in Poison Information

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