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Giving Opportunities

Nov 27, 2020
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 Dr. Mike Wahl, IPC Medical Director



The Illinois Poison Center (IPC) has proudly served Illinois residents for more than 60 years. Our service is vital to those in need of treatment advice and information related to potentially harmful substances.  However, the ability of the IPC to deliver a continued level of high quality service is at risk due to reduced financial support from public and private funding agencies.  More than 45% of our operating costs are met through private funding.


Your help and generosity is needed to ensure the IPC will be able to meet its vision and mission.  We thank you for helping us save call at a time!                   


At this time, donations can be made via check and mailed to the following address (please make sure to add the following on the note section of your check:  "Donation for the IL Poison Center”):



29581  Network Place

Chicago, IL 60673-1293


For other donation options and/or questions, please contact us at 312-906-6136 or


Donations to the Illinois Poison Center are tax-deductible as allowed by law, and are gratefully acknowledged. We thank you for your support of the Illinois Poison Center.




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