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Medication Safety Tips

Nov 25, 2020
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Medicine has many benefits but it also has risks.  If not used in the right way, both prescription and over-the-counter medicine can harm you, and may lead to more doctor visits, a longer recovery from illness, the need for a hospital visit, or even death.


The Illinois Poison Center can give help on how to use medicine the right way.  Do not wait to call the poison center if you have a question about medicine.


Medicine Safety Tips


1.     Read the label before taking or giving medicines.


2.     Be sure you understand the directions and follow them exactly.  Call the poison center if  you have any questions.  


3.     Always use the measuring device that comes with the medicine or a device that shows exact amounts.  


4.     Never take prescription medicine that is not prescribed specifically for you.  


5.     Never take more than the number of pills you are supposed to.  


6.     Never mix medicines unless your doctor says that it is okay to do so. Some medicines, when mixed together, can lead to serious side effects or drug interactions.  


7.     Properly dispose of old medicines by using the guidelines from the IPC. For more info click  Medicine Disposal Guidelines


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