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Oct 20, 2020
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Thanks for your interest in ordering/downloading

poison prevention education materials.


The IPC's Poison Prevention Education Resource Center (PPERC) has a variety of educational materials and presentation tools (most are free!) for download and/or order.  Before accessing the resource center, please complete the FREE online Poison Prevention Education Course.  If you've already completed the course, click here!


The online Poison Prevention Education Course consists of 7 quick, easy lessons and corresponding quizzes.  Each lesson/quiz takes about 3-5 minutes each to complete.  You can complete the course at your convenience; log off after you complete one lesson/quiz and return as many times as you like to complete the rest or... complete all the lessons/quizzes in one sitting!  The course is formatted for smart phones and tablets as well!


Why take the online Poison Prevention Education Course?


  • Access to a variety of educational materials and presentation tools as well as IL Poison Prevention Month (IPPM) materials and prizes!
  • Learn more about poison prevention
  • Learn about the vast scope of cases/issues the U.S. Poison Centers deal with day in and day out
  • Learn how to educate others about poison prevention
  • Learn how/why/when/who can use the IPC confidential, free 24/7/365 expert helpline: 1-800-222-1222
  • FREE Continuing education credit (CEC)


Who Can Take the IPC’s online Poison Prevention Education Course?

Anyone 13 years or older living and/or working in Illinois is welcome to complete the course and utilize the online Poison Prevention Education Resource Center.


If you do not live/work in Illinois, please contact your local poison center for available trainings and resources.


What does the course cover?

  • Facts About U.S. Poison Centers
  • Facts about Poisons
  • Potential Poisons
  • Who is at Risk of Poisoning
  • How to Prevention Poisonings
  • What to do in Case of a Poisoning
  • How to Share Poison Prevention Information

What are the benefits?


  • After completing the online course you’ll receive a “Certificate of Completion” that you can present to your work or other association for continuing education credits (dependent on the organizations rules).
  • After completing the entire course, you’ll have immediate access to the online Poison Prevention Education Resource Center for all your future outreach/education events or activities.  Download and/or order a variety of  educational materials and presentation tools any time you want them (most are free!): stickers, magnets, posters, handouts, children’s activity sheets, tool kits, PowerPoint presentations, etc.   



Get started!  https://pperc.IllinoisPoisonCenter.org 


Questions...contact us at 312-906-6136 or IPCadmin@team-iha.org.org





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