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Free Poison Prevention Education and Resources

Jul 03, 2020
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Click here if you've already completed the IPC's Poison Prevention Education Course and want to log in to order/download education and/or presentation materials.


If you haven't yet completed the IPC's online Poison Prevention Education Course and are interested in doing so and/or ordering or downloading a variety of education and presentation materials, please read on!  The course consists of seven quick, easy lessons and corresponding quizzes scaled for computers and mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.). Each lesson/quiz takes about 3-5 minutes each to complete (takes less time when you use a mobile device). You can complete the course at your convenience; log off after you complete one lesson/quiz and return as many times as you like to complete the rest or complete all the lessons/quizzes in one sitting!


Why take the online Poison Prevention Education Course?


  • Access to a variety of IL Poison Prevention Month (IPPM) materials and prizes!
  • Learn more about poison prevention
  • Learn about the vast scope of cases/issues the U.S. Poison Centers deal with day in and day out
  • Learn how to educate others about poison prevention
  • Continuing education (CEC’s)
  • Interesting blog posts written by the experts
  • Seasonal e-bulletins with tips, tools and bits of helpful information


Who Can Take the IPC’s online Poison Prevention Education Course?

Anyone 18 years or older living and/or working in Illinois is welcome to complete the course and utilize the online Poison Prevention Education Resource Center.


If you do not live/work in Illinois, please contact your local poison center for available trainings and resources.


What does the course cover?

  • Facts About U.S. Poison Centers
  • Facts about Poisons
  • Potential Poisons
  • Who is at Risk of Poisoning
  • How to Prevention Poisonings
  • What to do in Case of a Poisoning
  • How to Share Poison Prevention Information


What are the benefits?


After completing the online course:


  • You’ll receive a “Certificate of Completion” that you can present to your work or other association for continuing education credits (dependent on the organizations rules).  
  • You’ll have immediate access to the online Poison Prevention Education Resource Center for all your future outreach/education events or activities. Download and/or order educational materials and presentation tools any time you want them (most are free!):  stickers, magnets, posters, handouts, children’s activity sheets, tool kits, presentations materials, etc.  

Click here to get started:



Questions and/or more information contact us at or 312-906-6136 

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