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Take Action

Nov 24, 2020
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Take a few seconds now to save time, money, frustration and possibly a life!




Text to Save - Program the IPC helpline number (1-800-222-1222) into your phone…Now!  




Take the IPC’s quick, FREE online Poison Prevention Education Course to learn more about poison prevention.  Afterwards, access a variety of free education and presentation materials to share with your family, friends and/or community: stickers, magnets, children’s activity sheets, posters, brochures.  Learn more about the course and about FREE continuing education credit (CEC). 




Let our state elected officials know you support continued funding for the IPC…sign here.




Join hundreds of moms, teachers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, students, librarians, grandparents, etc. celebrate Illinois Poison Prevention Month (March 1-31)Free promotional items available for a limited time!




Tell us how we’re doing…take the caller satisfaction survey. 




Receive IPC updates, highlights, FDA recalls and poison prevention tips…subscribe now! 



Request Complimentary Safety Packet

The packet contains sticker, magnet, how to prevent poisonings and first aid for poisonings brochure. Request a packet for yourself and/or send one to someone else…send now. 




Stay connected in more ways than one: 

Visit our blog

Browse the "My Child Ate..." resource center

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Check out IPC’s You Tube Channel: English or Spanish




Every dollar counts!  The IPC saves $13 for every $1 spent on call center services and education…donate now .



Contact us if you have questions and/or comments:  IPCadmin@team-iha.org

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