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Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Nov 26, 2020
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Why should I care?

Careless storage and disposal of household chemicals can pose serious environmental and human health threats. Chemicals that are flushed down the toilet or poured into a storm drain can contaminate our drinking water, pollute the lakes we swim in, seep into the ground where we grow our food, and if they are burned, we can inhale them in the air we breathe.


 What can I do?

Find out when and where your area will host its next collection day.  Gather all of the household chemicals and products that are accepted at HWW collections (see below).  To help you determine if something is a household chemical waste, look for the words "danger," "toxic," "flammable," "corrosive," and/or "reactive" somewhere on the product's packaging.


Materials ACCEPTED at HHW collections as of Sept. 2013 (check website for most recent list):


oil-based paint paint remover insecticides
motor oil pool chemicals drain cleaner
household cleaners asbestos aerosol products
household batteries garden/lawn chemicals hobby chemicals
antifreeze old gasoline

mercury (including thermometers

and thermostats)

solvents fungicides  
old prescriptions metal polishes  


Materials NOT ACCEPTED at HHW collections as of Sept. 2013 (check web site for most recent list):


business wastes tires propane tanks
explosives/ammunition latex paint smoke detectors
fire extinguishers agricultural chemicals medical wastes
lead-acid batteries fireworks  
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