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Mar 18, 2018
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What I Learned about Laundry Pods at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology  -  blog


Laundry Detergent Pods Facts


Seriously scary poisons that used to be in Grandpa’s shed…and maybe still are!  -  blog


The Top 3 Substances Involved in IPC Poisoning Cases  -  blog


The Top 5 Most Toxic Substances in Your House  -  blog


Top 5 Things You Didn’t Think Could be Poisonous to Children  - blog


“So, What’s The Most Dangerous Poison Around The House?”  -  blog


Ewwwww Groooossssss  -  blog


“My Child Ate…Poop!”  -  blog


“My Child Ate…Something Around the House!”  - blog


“My Child Ate… Nature!”  -  blog


“My Child Ate…Grandma’s Medicine”  -  blog


 “My Child Ate…!” Honorable Mentions  -  blog


 There was only a little bit of windshield washer fluid left in the jug so. . .  -  blog


 Top 10 Drug and Poison Safety Tips  -  blog


 The Gardener’s Guide to Poison Prevention  -  blog


 “All I Did Was Go To The Bathroom And…”  -  blog


 Back to School Means Changing Schedules…and Much More!  -  blog


 Take Home Lessons: Kids and Cleaning Product Spray Bottles  -  blog


 Copper Sulfate: Pool Cleaner, Vineyard Helper or Unsuspected Summer Threat? - blog


 Memorial Day/Summer Safety Tips: Keeping kids safe from poisons in the garage  -  blog


 How to NOT gas yourself while cleaning the loo  -  blog


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Home Repair and Lead Safety 


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