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Poison Prevention

Nov 23, 2020
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Poison Prevention Education Course (free) and Materials


Laundry Detergent Pods Facts




Home Safety


Winter Safety


Spring Safety


Summer Safety


Fall Safety


Halloween Safety


Posters, Stickers, Magnets


Uh Oh! I shouldn’t have put that…in my nose! (part 4)  


Uh Oh!  I shouldn’t have put that…in my mouth! (part 2 of 3 re: beverage container mishaps)  -  blog


Uh oh!  I shouldn’t have put that…in my mouth! (part 1 of 3 re: toothpaste errors)  -  blog


Water-Related Illness: Chemicals and Germs in the Pool  -  blog


The Top 10 Totally Toxic Mistakes  -  blog


Seriously scary poisons that used to be in Grandpa’s shed…and maybe still are!  -  blog


Why your kid won’t stop putting stuff in their mouth!  -  blog


Thinking about stopping your medicines without talking to your doctor? Think again!  -  blog


Is Poison on the Menu?  -  blog


Can You OD on Marijuana?  -  blog


A Spoonful of Trouble (Part 2)  -  blog


The Case of the Home Remedy  -  blog


The Case of the Secret Ingredient  -  blog


The Case of the Wrong Container  -  blog


The Case of the Double Dose  - blog


The Case of the Tube Switcheroo  - blog


At Home Activities


Caregivers Guide


A Day in the Life of a Poison Center  -  blog


Prescription Drug Abuse:  An Illinois Public Health Crisis - white paper


Top 10 Drug and Poison Safety Tips  -  blog


“These Darn Safety Caps Are A Pain In The…”  -  blog


“Do Nothing and Nothing Will Happen”  -  blog


A Spoonful of Trouble  -  blog



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