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Education Referral Campaign

Oct 20, 2020
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 (Oct. 1-31, 2020)


WIN:  A $250 Amazon Gift Card!!!




Poison Prevention Education Referral Month



Anyone* who has already completed the IPC's free online Poison Prevention Education Course is eligible to participate.  Click here if you haven't yet completed the course which is available in both English and Spanish (you must be at least 18 years of age AND live or work in Illinois to be eligible for the drawing). *Illinois Health and Hospital Association/IPC employees are not eligible for this drawing.



October 1 - 31, 2020 (deadline: Sat. Oct. 31, 11:59pm)  The Random Prize Drawing for the $250 Amazon gift card will be held Monday, November 2, 2020. The prize winner, as well as all campaign referrers and referees, will be notified by email.



For each person you refer to and completes the IPC’s free online Poison Prevention Education Course, BOTH you and that person will receive 1 entry into the Referral Random Prize Drawing for the $250.00 gift card!  Make sure each person enters your name on the online course registration form in the “Referral Name” data field!  The more people you refer and complete the online course, the more chances you have to win the Amazon gift card. It's simple!  Just forward the following message to your friends, family, students and professional contacts (via email, text, facebook, etc.):


"Win a $250.00 gift card!  Simply complete the IL Poison Center's (IPC) free, quick and easy online Poison Prevention Education Course (via smart phone, tablet or computer) anytime during the month of October 2020 . The course is available in both English and Spanish. After doing so, your name will be entered into the random prize drawing held on Monday, November 2, 2020!  Better yet (after you complete the course), you'll receive an additional drawing entry for each person you refer to the course and completes it during that time (no limit on the # of referrals you can make!).  BONUS:  Free CEC's and  poison prevention materials available after completing the course (smartphone ring stand, stickers, magnets, posters, safety packets, children's activity/color sheets, etc.)!"



  • You'll receive an additional drawing entry for each person you refer to the course and completes it during that time (no limit on the # of referrals you can make!). 
  • Free Continuing Educatoin Credit (CEC's) 
  • FREE poison prevention education materials (for all who've completed the course since Jan. 2005).  Items available, while supplies last: smartphone ring stand, children's color/activity sheets, safety packets, stickers, magnets,  posters, zip lock bags, etc.



Contact us at or 312.906.6136



"I will be making this training mandatory for my early learning teaching staff." (childcare director)
"Wonderful, highly educational, learned more than I realized that I did not know." (medical professional)
"Easy to follow, straightforward and great info/questions." (public health nurse)

"I appreciate you putting in the links. Learned a lot about common chemicals and toxicants." (EMT)
"Well done, very informative, learned a lot, very useful to share, easy to understand, interesting" (school nurse)
"The quality of information provided in each lesson is excellent." (K-8 teacher)
"Clear plain language; easy to absorb and relay." (police officer)
"Very informative and lifesaving."  (medical student)
"Toda la información fue excelente y será de gran utilidad. Muchas Gracias!" (childcare provider)
"I sent a link to my daughter-in-law who is trying to foster children and homeschools her daughter. I would like our CHW's to take the course."   (public health professional)
"I've already notified all the other teachers in my preschool to take the class!" (early learning professional)
"This course was very helpful. I saved the number for the IPC hotline into my phone."  (nursing student)
"I did not know you shouldn't make a game out of taking medicine for children. I did with my kids all the time. Good information to pass on." (parent/grandparent)
I learned quite a number of things. I find this invaluable!! Thank you!! (childcare provider)
"Reinforced what I knew, added information I didn't." (school nurse)
"I will be sharing this with my co-workers!" (healthcare worker)





Fall in bloom—is it toxic?   (pdf)
Vaping/E-cigarette education materials

Uh Oh!  I shouldn't have put my nose!

Cannabis 101: Unintended consequences of unintentional exposures in youngsters
"My Child Ate..." resource library
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