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Poison Center Helpline 1-800-222-1222

Household Items 

Wherever you go, IPC is only a phone call away. Our specially trained poisoning experts are ready to assist you.

  • IPC offers free household items, including stickers and magnets, to make it easy for you to find our helpline number in a pinch. Share these tools with friends and family—and you may just save a life.
  • You can order different household items throughout the year. These items serve two purposes: keeping the IPC helpline top of mind and helping with everyday activities.
  • You must take our free online Poison Prevention Education Course before you can order any items.

Here’s a sample of our branded household items:

Jar Gripper

  • For those hard-to-open containers
  • Display them on your fridge
Magnifier Bookmark/Ruler
  • Keep it in your nightstand or purse
Magnifier Card
  • Use it to read small print
Plastic Resealable Bags
  • Perfect for storage or distribution at educational events and fairs
  • Put them on your phone, wallet or kids’ toys

Share these items with your students, neighbors or patients to promote poisoning prevention. They’re also excellent giveaways for educational events and fairs.

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