Twitter Chat Transcript - 3/15 | Illinois Poison Center 

Twitter Chat Transcript - 3/15

Nov 24, 2020
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Twitter Chat Transcript

3/15/2012 – 1pm- 2pm

Lead by: Dr. Sean Bryant, @ILPoisonCenter

Topic : Spring poisons

Hashtag: #poisonctrchat


Welcome everyone to #poisonctrchat

My name is Dr. Sean Bryant and I will be leading today's chat session.

A little about me... I’m a emergency physician and a medical toxicologist 


Q1: Dr Bryant, what is the most poisonous snake in the world?


A1: There are many but the Black Mamba is one tough and mean snake found in Africa. It will hunt you down! 


Q2:  With all the suburban growth, is IL a place where I need to worry about snakes? 


A2: Yes! In IL, the Massasauga, Copperhead, Water Moc, and Timber Rattlesnake would be the greatest threat. 

Q3: Where can they be found 


A3: Mainly southern IL but all over the state potentially. Woodpiles and sheds are favor

Q4: Of those 4 snakes you listed, which one is the worst? 


A4: The least harmful would be the Copperhead. The other 3 can be equally bad and result in bad long term effects 


The #1 first aid device to have when bit by a snake is a cell phone. Don't go hiking or camping without it! 


Poor choices for first aid include: suction devices, cutting the wound with a pocket knife, and tourniquets. These cause harm. 

Q5: #poisonctrchat I want to start a home garden. What if our soil tests positive for lead?


A5: Would recommend buying soil and starting a small garden rather than using soil with high lead content. 

Q6: How does the poison center help if I was bit by a snake? Wont the hospital know what to do?


A6: The poison center will help locate antivenom if that is required. Many ERs may need assistance in management. 

Q7:  I noticed mosquitoes out already...Words of advice? 


A7: Mosquito repellent and long sleeves will help. 

Q8: When I go camping to see the best of nature in IL, what should I be cautious of regarding. Nature's critters and foliage? 


A8: Poison ivy is a big concern. With any contact, wash thoroughly to remove the resin to prevent spread and rash. 

Q9: There are mushrooms in my backyard that look like the ones I buy from the store, are they ok to eat?


A9: Would recommend NOT eating mushrooms from your yard. Some can be quite poisonous requiring liver transplant 

The IPC handled one case of eating shrooms from yard requiring liver transplant.       

This particular patient had eaten shrooms from her yard before. This time mistakenly chose the wrong ones.


Q10: What natural poison scares YOU the most Dr Bryant? 


A10: Natural poisons are scary because they may show up in herbal products that aren't regulated. 


Q11: What actions should I take if bitten by a poisonous spider? 


A11: Clean the wound and if excessive pain occurs, seek medical attention.

If your skin becomes ulcerated and scabs, no medicine has proven effective in treatment. Wound care only. 


Ever wonder what calls we get at the poison center then read "A Day in the Life of a Poison Center"

Thanks for joining us! Be safe this summer and stay tuned for more Illinois Poison Center Tweet Chats!


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