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Twitter Chat Transcript - 3/22

Nov 23, 2020
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Twitter Chat Transcript

3/22/2012 – 1pm- 2pm

Lead by: Dr. Michael, @ILPoisonCenter

Topic : Synthetic Drugs

Hashtag:  ILPoisonCenter


Welcome! My name is Dr. Michael Wahl and I'm the Medical Director for the Illinois Poison Center  

I will be leading the chat today. Our topic: Drug and alcohol  

This week is National Poison Prevention Week! So it’s a rather special edition of #poisonctrchat

Q1: If I see a store selling "spice" or other similar product what should I do?

A1: You can report it to your local police dept or call the Illinois Poison Ctr; we will report to law enforcement  

Q2: Which is more dangerous: real marijuana or the K2/spice?

A2: Synthetic THC products like k2/spice are much worse. People who smoke real mj do not end up in ERs

Q3: Are teens the greatest abusers of drugs and alcohol?  

A3: Drug and alcohol use usually start with teens, but it is prevalent in all age groups.


Q4: How many cases of alcohol poisoning occur yearly?  

A4: That is a hard number to quantitate, however 40% of HS seniors report using alcohol in the past month in 2011  

Q5: Which 'abused' substance is the most dangerous?  

A5: ~30,000 annual poisoning deaths involve drugs and medications. Most are from prescription pain pills (opiates).  

Q6: Saw the news piece w/ AG on synthetic it really a big deal?  

A6: In less than three years, synthetic drugs are the third most abused by HS students after alcohol and marijuana - Unlike marijuana and alcohol, synthetic drugs can cause death and long lasting injury  

Q7: Are there any signs to tell if someone has alcohol poisoning?  

A7: Alcohol works in the brain and people may have personality change (+++ happy, sad, angry, loud), uncoordinated - Nausea, vomiting, fast heart rate, or slow heart rate. can be comatose and unconscious -Death is usually from aspiration of vomit (breathing it into their lungs)

Q8: How many calls does the pc get on any type of alcohol abuse?  

A8: In 2011, US poison centers answered treatment advice in 74,347 cases of exposure to alcohol  

Q9: Do people die from bath salts?

A9: bath salts cause high BP, fast heart rates, agitation, pyschosis, paranoia, hallucinations, high temperature - People die from their organs giving out, damaged brains, hearts, kidneys, liver or they commit suicide - Reports of paranoia, psychosis and suicide  

Q10: what's the difference between K2/Spice and bath salts?  

A10: K2/Spice is fake THC, but much more dangerous with seizures, paranoia, renal failure, hallucinations, suicide - Bath salts are stimulants that cause high BP, fast heart rate, agitation, psychosis, delusions, paranoia  

Q11: Can you please specify on what you mean by "bath salts"?  

A11: Bath Salts" is not what is used in the tub. They are stimulant drugs like meth, cocaine, or ecstasy, but worse  


  • J of Psychiatry report on prolonged psychosis and emergence of schizophrenia after synthetic drug use  
  • Interested in learning more about poison prevention? Then take our free online course  
  • Program 1-800-222-1222 in your cell phone right now! RT  
  • Remember our experts are avail. day or night to answer any questions at 1-800-222-1222!
  • @ILAttyGeneral and local law enforcement partner on "operation smoke out" to remove synthetic drugs  
  • Bath salts have worse medical effects than the crack epidemic in the 90's and meth epidemic 10 years ago  

Q12: Is synthetic drug use primarily an urban problem  

A12: In IL when corrected for population, the calls to the IPC are about 2 to 3 times higher in non-urban populations  



That is our hour, thanks for joining us, stay tuned to our last poison center chat next Thursday  

If you have any more questions on drugs and alcohol, please call your regional poison center at 1-800-222-1222 .

Join next Thursday's #poisonctrchat. Follow us on Twitter: @ILPoisonCenter 

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