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Poison Center Helpline 1-800-222-1222

Illinois Poison Prevention Month

March is Illinois Poison Prevention Month. This month raises awareness about poisoning hazards and risks, especially for children. Be proactive by adding IPC to the contacts in your phone. Our free, confidential helpline is 1-800-222-1222 and available around the clock. You can also text POISON to 797979.

Why is Poison Prevention Month so important?

  • IPC is a valuable resource for all Illinois residents concerned about a potential poisoning. Every year, IPC handles 80,000 cases through our helpline. Nearly one-third of those cases originates from a healthcare facility—we are the toxicology consultants to Illinois healthcare professionals.
  • Each year, poison centers across the U.S. manage more than 2 million cases about poisoning exposure. Of those cases, almost half involve children 5 years old and younger.
  • IPC handles a variety of cases, ranging from minor to severe. Poisonings can occur after exposure to medication, vitamins/supplements, plants, household chemicals, automotive products, insect stings, animal bites, lead, carbon monoxide, etc.

Help support IPC’s work to reduce poisoning harm

It's easy to make a difference: Simply share poison prevention with your family, friends and community!

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