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Poison Center Helpline 1-800-222-1222

Tell Us Your Story 

"Easily crowned as the most active and curious child in the Fredrickson house, Max Fredrickson gave his parents quite the scare one early summer morning. Preparing for a family day at the local farmers market, little Max was found on the kitchen floor with an open bottle of liquid furniture cleaner with residue on his hands and clothes. Unsure if Max had ingested the liquid, his father Tim, grabbed the bottle to look for instructions to help him manage the situation. The bottle instructed him to call the poison center.  Greeted with a polite and reassuring voice, the IPC call center expert helped assuage Tim by giving him simple first aid instructions to help his son. After a little water and a hug, and very minimal symptoms, Max was just as good as new."

 A personal story can be a powerful reminder and prevention tool. Send us your email and phone number.  We'll contact you ASAP for the details (whatever you care to share). Your story may help prevent other accidental exposures to potentially harmful substances and maybe even save someone's life.  

Note: Your information will be kept confidential.  

Poison Center HelplineCalls are free and confidential.

  1. In Case of Emergency

    Call 911 if someone is unconscious or is having difficulty breathing.

  2. Remain Calm

    Most poison emergencies can be resolved quickly over the phone.

  3. Call the Helpline

    Call 1-800-222-1222 if you are concerned that you or someone else has been exposed to a potentially harmful substance.