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Stop and Ask First Program 

Your home is full of potentially harmful substances. But kids can’t always spot a poisonous substance. When teaching them about health hazards, keep it simple with IPC’s “Stop and Ask First” program. Our free educational tools use repetition and songs to keep kids engaged.

Ready to begin with your kids or students? Check back to download IPC’s “Stop and Ask First” material today.

“Stop, ask first. Is this good for us?” That’s the question at the heart of IPC’s poison prevention education program geared toward young children.

Parents, teachers and caregivers have an important role in educating children to stay safe by asking questions of trusted adults.

Check back to download IPC’s free resources:

  • “Poison Safety for Your Home” Activity Sheet
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Video and Song Lyrics
  • Presentation Guide for Video

Stop & Ask Video

Stop & Ask

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IPC resources empower parents, teachers and public officials to prevent poisonings.

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